Outbound Adventure


We have spent the past one year exploring and mapping possible of road trails in the Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani region. Some of these trails, made many years ago by the British during their rule, cut deep into the unexplored areas of the Mahabaleshwar forest. Originally intended to be horse riding trails, now these secret paths have been reclaimed by the forest. A little clearing and lots of exploring has enabled us to map out several mountain biking trails in the most pristine and majestic terrains.

We now invite you to join us on this thrilling adventure and discover areas of the forest no one has been to before.

Road trail, Panchgani (Maharashtra)
Road trail, Mahabaleshwar Forest (Maharashtra)


Test your physical and technical abilities at a variety of breath taking rock faces located around our campsite in Panchgani. Beginner or professional, we have something to offer for every participant. Out team has a combined experience of more than 34 years in this feld and each member has qualifed from top mountaineering institutes of India. They will make sure you learn the art in the correct way.

Abseiling, Outbound Site, Kaswand (Panchgani, Maharashtra)
Outbound Site Face, Kaswand (Panchgani, Maharashtra)
En route to the Rock Climbing Site (Panchgani, Maharashtra)


Walk across a 150ft wire suspended over a magnifcent gorge. Try not to look down at the tops of trees but while you are in the centre, don’t forget to pause and take in the spectacular bird’seye vieww of the valley.

Burma Bridge, Outbound Campsite, Panchgani (Maharashtra)


Trek through the mahabaleshwar hills with steep cliffs, waterfals and wade through jungle streams.

Test your endurance with a trek down to the Krishna Valley from Kates Point or just take a nature walk through the forest trails. Our team of experts, all being trained locals from this region will be able to guide you to the most pristine locations.

Hunters Point, Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra)
Forest Trail, Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra)


One day visit to Devrai Art Village which is a non profit initiative to connect with nature and celebrate creativity. A core group of highly skilled Adivasi craftsmen and artists from the Naxalite affected areas of Gadchiroli & Chattisgarh find a livelihood and a safe refuge here in Panchgani. The unique and distinctive style of our product range comes out through combinations of different mediums such as iron, brass, stone, wood, bamboo and fabric.

We believe in empowering craftsmen and not in doing charity. Todays idea of “development” has broken the link which connects us to the whole. In modern times nature is commodified and relationships have turned into transactions. Devrai Art Village attemps to mend this broken link and make the process of creation a joyous experience.

To find out more about Devrai Art Village, go to the link below:


A two day intensive workshop on the art of filmmaking conducted by Devansh Mathur (Srishti School of Design, Prague Film School). Student’s will script, shoot and edit their very own short film.

All equipment is industry standard. Films will be shot on a full frame Canon 6D. Sound will be recorded on a Zoom H6 and the films will be edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Students will gain a basic understanding of how to use this equipment while they make thier own short films. But it’s not just about the technique of making films, rather our emphasis is on how to tell a story in an interesting manner.


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