Spanish Soccer Academy – Program in India


SPANISH SOCCER ACADEMY (SSA) is a football school founded by a group of professionals who have a long and recognized experience in the world of teaching this sport in formative stages in ARSENAL and VILA-REAL CF.

The strength of SPANISH SOCCER ACADEMY is the fact of having a highly qualified technical staff with international experience, working methodology global reference, a very wide range of programs that ensure optimum quality standards, freedom to operate in any market at any time and the ability to adapt to the needs of their partners, always respecting the particularities of each culture/community.


Joining at any time of the year.

       –  Possibility to extend the program more weeks.

The aim of SPANISH SOCCER ACADEMY affect learning, improvement and upgrading of the main technical gestures that exist in football.

SPANISH SOCCER ACADEMY has developed a specific technification program structured by lines (goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers) aimed at improving the skills of each player in their natural position.

The basic technical goals that we work on are:

  • Proficiency in implementing major technical actions that exist in football: running with the ball, control, passing, dribbling and shooting.
  • Mastering the side technical gestures: air game, the definition to goal, skill, cross and the defensive techniques.
  • Apply different tactical gestures depending on the real game situation: start playing, progression, finalize, direct play, press and counterattack


The INTENSIVE PROGRAM includes a COACH COURSE for all the Indian coaches.

This course consist in a program that explains the methodology used by our academy (SSA) and is aimed at those coaches wishing to improve their technical competence in the field of teaching youth football.

Moreover, after the intensive course, SSA will provide a Certificate confirming their attendance.

The Certificate will be suported by AFEN School of coaches in Spain.

Along one or two weeks, depending on the duration of the football camps, training sessions, theoretical and practical, morning and afternoon, combining them with lectures on methodology, were held for local coaches to learn and develop later, by themselves, the confection of the working sessions.